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A BMX is type of bicycle that is designed with smaller wheels and frame than is usual for regular bicycles. They were originally designed to allow people to emulate motocross races on a non-motorised bike. They first rose to popularity in the USA during the 1970’s and have maintained a high level of popularity to his day. There are many different methods of riding a BMX, but it is popular for people to attempt to perform tricks with them, their smaller size makes them much more adapted to this use than a standard sized bicycle would be, stunt pegs are often fitted across the back axle so the riders have something solid to place their feet against when performing a trick, rather than the pedals.

Racing BMXs and taking them for downhill trials is also an extremely popular activity and there are many fans of this sport. Another method of riding the BMX is to take it down half pipes, which is essentially two adjacent curved ramps resembling the cross section of the bottom half of a pipe. A half pipe allows BMX riders to build up a great deal of momentum riding from side to side. There is a very large number of BMX enthusiasts, many of whom spend a great deal of time customising an optimising their bikes